Fall Returns – as does The Chef Maven

So what will be new here at The Chef Maven? Not only am I redesigning the site for ease of use, you will see of course new articles on what I have learned from apothecary recipes and how to incorporate them into your life for your well being and betterment of your overall health. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s all the Hoopoola regarding Monsanto?

Today on Facebook, I am sure a lot of you saw several posts regarding which food companies and products to avoid that are using GMO’s in their food production. So what are GMO’s and who or what is Monsanto?

Both are very valid questions. We all need to know and learn more about the effects of GMO’s on us and on our population’s health as a whole. And it is also very inportant to learn which companies use GMO’s in their food ingredients to make their products.

This is what was shared on Facebook within the past few weeks:


That’s a huge list of foods we ought to avoid, huh?!

Also you might wish to check out this website which I found today through some of the realted posts regarding this touchy subject. It is a wonderful website called OrganicConsumers.org : http://www.organicconsumers.org/

They seem to well versed and updated on this latest hot topic.

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