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Spring has Sprung in Chef Maven’s Garden

Forced Forcynthia from the yard with Oxalis and store bought Tulips to brighten up my kitchen window

Forced Forsythia from the yard with Oxalis and store bought Tulips to brighten up my kitchen window

With my newly obtained garden which hasn’t seen a working hand in probably a full year I am eager to see what my garden will produce. You see, when I bought my new home late last fall, the mature garden was one of the very reasons why I bought this little place I now call my very own. And of course when I first moved in, it wasn’t but a week before New York’s crazy slew of weekly winter snow storms would start.

But I did manage to quickly throw in some hyacinths and tulips into the ground and into containers to at the very least say to my garden, “Lookie here, I love you and I will take care of you now and here is some of the first proof”… now had I only had a chance to grab some bonemealĀ  that would have been perfect!

So, as snow storms came and went, I perused my vegetable and flower gardening catalogs, buying tomato cages for tomato plants I still do not have and way more seeds than I will know what to do with, but alas that’s what happens when we start getting ichy for the Spring Season to arrive.

And as I have surveyed the areas where the garden areas once stood strong while walking my dog around his new yard, there are signs here and there that perennial iris, geranium, tulips, daffodils, roses, lilacs, forsythia, one lonely apple tree (whose significant other past away while we moved in), hardy mums, poppies and other unidentifiable plants at this stage of just showing their noses up and out of the ground actually exist. Read more