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Spring has Sprung in Chef Maven’s Garden

Forced Forcynthia from the yard with Oxalis and store bought Tulips to brighten up my kitchen window

I am already relishing in the feeling that Spring will soon be here. I so miss the leaves on the trees at this stage of March. It’s the third week of March, with it’s fickle weather patterns where it might snow one day (as it did already on Monday) and will again this Wednesday but be bright, warm and fuzzy like it was last Friday when I heard that NYC temperatures nearly hit 80 degrees. Really?! Yes Really.

So while reading a few interesting things I learned that when lilacs start budding, it’s a good time to start sewing your cold weather vegetables like spinach, peas and bush beans. Who knew? Well, instead of doing that in the snow the other day (do ya blame me?), I did cut some forsythia from the yard and put them in a vase where they quickly bloomed. I also did this four weeks prior with the same results, though the forsythia took a few weeks to generate their blooms.

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