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How to Make a Homemade Multigrain Bread Recipe

I have been wanting to make a multi-grain loaf of bread for sometime without using those pre-made mixes available to us in our grocery stores, simply feeling that making it from scratch at home had to be even more wholesome.
This bread recipe can be made in a sturdy mixer like a kitchen-aid stand mixer or in your bread machine, just be sure to follow your bread machine’s preferred method of yeast as the first or last ingredient to be added to your bread machine. This makes a large 1 and a half pound loaf. I have made this loaf using both methods with success.

Total time from start to finish including time for the bread to rise and bake is 4-6 hours. But there is very little actual ‘work’ that you do, most of the time is for allow the bread to rise – really!

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