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Easter Dinners and Leftover Holiday Meal Ideas

I was able to grab fresh mozzarella that had been shaped into the body of a rabbit – a lovely funny take of the chocolate bunny. It has two pepper corns for its eyes and stands roughly five inches tall. I will be serving it along with a dipping dish full of homemade pesto to represent the grass that a rabbit might lay in. I wonder who will slice off its ears and dip it into the pesto first?

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How to Make Real and Authentic Corned Beef Hash Recipe – Like it Ought to Be, Not From A Can!

Corned Beef Hash like it should be! Homemade and not from a can. Seriously, when my friends and family eat this, they are 1) hooked, 2) in disbelief they ever lived through eating the canned-versions and 3) want the recipe!

So I decided to share my corned beef hash recipe which is well over 60 years old. And it couldn’t be easier to make!

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